Many small business owners start out handling their own finances. At what point do you need to bring in outside help? How much help do you need?

Question #1: Do I need someone to help with the financial and administrative aspects of my business?

The questions below represent many of the common circumstances that indicate it is time to add some reinforcements.

Are you spending too much time on the accounting, financial and administrative details of your company?

If these details are taking up time that you could use to sell more or develop your business, let us take that burden off your shoulders.

Are you qualified to take care of the accounting, tax and financial needs of your business?

If you are concerned that your skills in these areas don’t match the needs of your company, let us provide the qualified professionals you need in the areas you need them.

Are you keeping financial records in a pile in the bottom of your closet?

If you answer yes to this, you should just call us right now.

How many important details are you procrastinating?

If you’re putting off filing important documents because you hate administration, why not have someone else take care of that?

How often are you surprised by some administrative requirement, such a tax filing?

Let us take care of it so you don’t have to be surprised anymore.

Are you frustrated with the lack of reports or the inaccurate reports you get?

Would clear, well-explained financial figures help you develop your business? – If you suspect you could be making a better profit if only you understood how all the money associated with your business was being used, we can explain that to you. Many of our clients have found themselves more profitable after we did an overview of their business and pointed out strategic pricing or cash flow changes.

Question #2: How much help do I need?

If you have people handling the day-to-day details, often what you need is CFO-level advice. You’ll want to hire someone who can look over all the details, see that they’re being done right, but then give you the strategic overview of what they mean for your business and what you need to change to meet you goals. For more information about our CFO-level services, see our Air Traffic Control page.

If you don’t have an office manager or bookkeeper, you need a more detailed level of service. Usually these two positions are hired separately, but we’ve combined financial and administrative details with our monthly Flight Log report and services. By combining the two roles we can handle all the financial back office details so you don’t have to worry about them. When you come to us for the detailed services, that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get our advice as well, and if you choose to engage us at the CFO level for strategic thinking, we’re already familiar with your business details.

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