As a business owner, you know that unexpected costs are like flying into bad weather. One minute the horizon looks clear and then you’re in a storm. You need to know that your accounting, financial and administrative details are being taken care of with excellence and efficiency without a sudden hurricane of costs.

We offer three basic products that allow you to buy a package that fits your needs at a price you can rely on. Our primary product is a monthly Flight Log that shows you income, cash flow and other financial dashboard items, plus a list of all the pain-in-the-a** … admin (PITA) details we handled for you that month. This report comes with administrative support and any bookkeeping services that you need.

Our other two products are a way for you to meet us and see our expertise while getting a solid overview of your business. The Flight Plan is for businesses who’ve been operating for a couple of years or more but want to run a tighter ship, get a handle on all the details they’re seeing and not seeing, and have a solid foundation from which to build strategies and future goals.

Our Flight Check is similar but has been created for entrepreneurs just starting a new business and not only records and tracks all the details that come with starting a business, but includes our administrative and financial support in taking care of them.

In addition to these products, sometimes you need a high-level strategic overview and advice. For this we offer the CFO-level services we call Air Traffic Control.

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