A Flight Log contains everything from the recent history of the airplane to the destination and purpose of its flights. Similarly, with our monthly Flight Log report, you know what financial and administrative details have just been completed for your business and what’s coming up. You know how much fuel you have, where you can go and where you’re coming from.

Our report contains the important dashboard items you need to know about the financial status of your business, plus a list of the PITA details we handled and any relevant documentation. As with an airplane’s flight log, it gives you the current capabilities of your business, warns about potential problems and lets you know what’s working better than expected.

When you buy this report you’re getting the accompanying financial and administrative services that come with it—and you’re getting a wingman. We don’t just hand you a report and expect it to speak for itself. We let you know what the numbers mean. We warn you if there are details that need to taken care of, and if we can take care of them for you, we do.

If you need bookkeeping services, we’ll do your bookkeeping. We make sure that your books are in order, your forms are filed with the proper institutions and you’re financials are in top shape for end of the year tax filing.

Pain-in-the-A** … Admin (PITA) items we address include:

  • Sales tax requirements
  • Correct 1099 filings
  • Verifying that payroll deposits were actually made with the IRS and state
  • Worker’s compensation insurance
  • Audit support
  • Records filed with banks and other institutions
  • Human resources infrastructure including insurance and performance measures
  • Corporate governance issues
  • Disaster recovery

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