How we work with CPA firms – for business owners
We noticed years ago that the financial services of most small businesses, and many medium-sized businesses, have substantial gaps in administrative coverage.

You might have an excellent bookkeeper, but they’re not trained or expected to make sure you’re filing the right employee paperwork, keeping meeting minutes or backing up your financial software off site in case of a disaster.

You may have the good fortune to be working with a CPA firm that you want to keep for your annual tax work, but you want someone who can be more deeply involved in your business – working with you each month on your current business needs.

Our experience and flexibility allow us to come in and fill the gaps on the financial side of your business. Most of us have worked for CPA firms and we now enjoy working with them—and they’re happy to get the kind of detailed, precise information we can provide about your business when they need it. Because we understand their language, we can work with them to give you more value.

If you already have a CPA firm or bookkeeper that you like, consider talking to us about our Air Traffic Contol Services and the administrative details that our Flight Log handles outside of the traditional CPA firm offering.

How we work with CPA firms – for CPA firms
Many of our referrals come from CPA firms who understand the value of getting a clean set of well-organized data to work from for year-end taxes, audit or estate planning purposes. We’ve worked for accounting firms and we understand the kind of reliable, easy-to-use information you need to keep costs down for the client and manage your time with all your clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we work with referring CPA firms, please give us a call.

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